Our firm offers services to a wide range of industries from retail to not-for-profit. While we service a broad range of business in a broad range of industries, we have specialized experience in four industries: Real Estate, Not-For-Profit, Governmental, and Employee Benefit Plans.

Real Estate

Our firm has significant experience in providing audit and tax services for over 300 low-income housing complexes regulated by the United States Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Rural Development (RD), and low-income housing tax credit projects (LIHTC projects).


We provide both assurance and tax services to small, local organizations, as well as larger, international aid organizations. Several members of our Accounting and Assurance team have specialized training and certificates from the AICPA focusing on not-for-profit organizations.


We can provide assurance services under Governmental Auditing Standards, A-133 and Uniform Guidance. Our professionals have extensive experience in compliance matters and have developed key relationships with decisions makers to help get answers to complex compliance issues.

Employee Benefit Plans

Several members of our Accounting and Assurance team have over 15 years experience providing assurance services to employee benefit plans. Whether your plan is needing it’s first audit or your plan is large, we have the experience and expertise you need to remain compliant in an increasingly complex area.